Polly Baker is a singer and songwriter based in Los Angeles. She offers a beautiful array of uplifting music, loaded to the brim with positive vibes, and fabulous storytelling. The song ‘Wild’ has a gorgeous classic country feel to it, but with a completely modern and gentle core; a pleasant and natural switch up for such a timeless genre. This is music to lift your mood, to inspire you to get out and enjoy the world. Just what we need more of.

The song ‘Wild’ was co-written with Grammy-winning producer Dave Darling, and Polly’s long time friend Richard Wynne, otherwise known as Wildcard. The result is a smooth layer of guitar and a simple beat as the back drop, the basis for a song that slowly wraps itself around you; a soft yet powerful vocal tells the story in a sweet and effortless manner, and some perfectly placed harmonies keep the music sounding great throughout.

‘Wild’ is a really strong track; a catchy, stand out melody, with some superb imagery – particularly in the chorus – to really let you relax and escape as the song plays. “Whiskey eyes” was a personal favourite, but you have to listen for yourself to really appreciate the expression. This is a great piece of music to ease you into a peaceful, worry free evening – dancing with friends and loved ones, maybe, or a romantic night in with someone special.

“You keep me safe, and I’ll keep you wild.”

Check out the single for yourself – this is ‘Wild’.